Sunday, 22 June 2008

Wedding News: Leah Woods and Jack Macdonald Marry!

Well. They kept this one quiet! Leah Woods, daughter of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, married her sweetheart of 11 years, TV producer Jack Macdonald yesterday.

The ceremony was held at Southwark Cathedral, attended by the usual red carpet selection including Kate Moss (apparently arriving 10 minutes later than everyone else...)

Leah chose a rather formal, glamorous gown with a 1970s/pre Raphaelite touch. Rather reminds me of what a friend of my mother's wore on her wedding day in 1977 (click here)
It's nice to see a bride wearing a juliet cap, there just aren't enough of these around anymore.
Still, I love the combination of blush roses, purple lisianthus and what looks like orange blossom in her hand tied bouquet. I was also pleased to read that her mother, Jo Woods (a keen organic gardener and cook) made sure the wedding fare was all organic and environmentally friendly. Their reception was held at the family home in Kingston and was based on a Midsummer Nights Dream theme...I feel another mood montage coming on!!!

Please Note: All images are taken from the Daily Mail website.

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