Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Hopelessly In Love With...Reel Sixty

I am a big fan of Reel Sixty cine film wedding reels. We share the same sentiments in that we don't like the average wedding video and I love the pure, organic romance of the old fashioned super 8 movies. I've recently looked into getting a cine camera and projector for a play around at some point, although these lovely objects are becoming obsolete these days.

The video below is a Reel Sixty masterpiece taken for a couple who married on the French Riviera a couple of years ago. Friends of mine
Chartula did their stationery if my memory is correct and I love the informal, relaxed style the couple have with that 1920s Ritzy edge. Keep a close eye out for the bride and groom's recessional (giggles) and the confetti shot (one of my favourite moments of the day).


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