Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I'm Off To Get Married...

Well, after two years of very intense and happy planning (until the stress kicked in that is!) I'm finally off to be the bride for a change.

It's been a real challenge juggling helping to plan weddings for my various clients at the same time, but having that month out to complete our own really took the pressure off...to a point!
My never ending checklist is now signed off, all the decor is packed and cluttering up our dining room ready to go tomorrow and I'm spending my last night at home as a Miss before I'm off to the hotel tomorrow. My beautiful wedding dress has been hung on the back of our bedroom door and the cats haven't once scratched at it and the only thing I can't sort out is the never ending supply of stress spots popping up all over my face-looking forward to planning other peoples days from now on!

So anyway, I'll be away for the next two weeks on honeymoon in Italy, but I'll be back early September with some great interviews with some favourite people of mine, including super star photographer Antonio Sanzari, and the ladies from B Cosmetics. Let's not forget those wedding photos too-how exciting!!!


Mrs Tiffany Riley!


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