Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Eye Candy #3: twobirds bridesmaids dresses

It was while I was sat watching Martha Stewart Weddings on Wedding TV last year that I found these beauties. I can't tell you how excited I was! Why? Because this is no ordinary bridesmaid dress. This dress gives you a fantastic range of styles in one. They come in a huge range of gorgeous colours. The best thing? They're all one size and made of soft jersey. "What?!" I hear you cry, "you mean I DON'T have to trawl the shops stressing over colours and fabrics and styles???" Nope! 

So anyway, twobirds have created one dress with over ten ways to wear it simply by wrapping the shoulder straps to create different styles:

It also comes in calf and floor length with a great choice of colours and although they are a U.S based company, I'm pretty sure they can arrange international delivery if you ask them nicely. Definitely an investment piece-go get one!!

Image Credits: All images taken from twobirds

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