Sunday, 14 September 2008

My Pride and Joy!!

I know my blog is for weddings, but my hubby took me "antiquing" (as we call it) in Islington today and whilst we were wandering around we stumbled across this little beauty. I am a huge admirer of Lloyd Loom pieces and had been looking for the perfect "lusty" chair for yonks-in their original form they have a deep gold lustre on top. Many got painted as times changed and so finding one in good nick can be difficult. However, we strolled down Camden Passage and suddenly there it was begging me to buy it...and now it's in pride of place in our living room with our cat Moe-Moe well and truly snuggled on it!

This one dates from 1950 as the markings underneath suggest and it even has the original utility mark (CC41) which was introduced during WWII. The idea of the Civilian Clothing mark was to help aid the economy and keep a standard whereby any scare materials weren't being used frivolously in order to keep a hold on the war effort. The mark went on clothing, furniture, all sorts. In other words, it was like a Kite Mark and stayed in use until 1952.
The weave of the chair is created using sturdy wires which are tightly wound with paper, thus giving it a wicker type effect.
Anyhow, I shall stop boring you about my chair now, I just love it so much!!

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