Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Lingerie: Hot Sauce!!!

I'd have loved to have been able to wear a gorgeous set of vintage style underwear on my wedding day, unfortunately my slinky bias cut dress didn't afford me that luxury. The closest I got to sexy was skin toned seamless undies-hardly the most provocative look, but at least they were comfortable. Having said that, by the time we'd got to our hotel after our incredibly busy day and with the prospect of waking at 4am ready to catch our flight, sexy was the last thing on our minds!

Anyway, ASOS have a rather gorgeous collection of lingerie and it's definitely worth considering for the big day. I'm LOVING the exclusive boudoir designs by Dita Von Teese for Wonderbra-delicious! 

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An Etsy Gem: The Future Mrs Darcy

What a collection of beauties. If I were a guest receiving any one of these invitations I'd be a very happy bunny indeed. Each design is deliciously different and produced in the style of their namesakes-fictional lovers such as Allie and Noah from The Notebook, Grease's Sandy and Danny, Sloane Peterson and Ferris Buelller and Holly and Paul from Breakfast At Tiffany's to name but a few. Happy drooling! 

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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Mood Montage: Folk Tales

                                           [Click Image to Enlarge]

I had this idea whilst watching Goldfrapp at the BBC Electric Proms. I have always been a huge fan of Alison Goldfrapp's slightly surreal, off the wall style which leans towards animalia, whether it be through glamour (the time she dressed as part peacock) or through folklore as you'll see from the video. The set has been dressed in a twisted village fete theme, with wheat sheafs tied to mic stands, harlequin print on the walls, paper lanterns hung from the ceiling and her backing singers each wearing an animal themed masquerade mask. 
This montage is a slightly more sedate version bringing in earthy folky greens and golds mixed with feminine shades of mauve...

This theme lends itself beautifully to a village hall-a space which offers a blank canvas that can be dressed, or an old hotel or house with beamed ceilings, perhaps of the Tudor period. It offers warmth, a cosy snug in which to relax away from the cold.

Flowers and Decor...
Recreate the old harvest festivals you used to have at school, with bundles of wheat tied and pussy willow with coxcomb and dried poppy heads. Hang wreaths of holly and ivy on the doors outside with green and mauve satin ribbons. 
Arrange clusters of ivory church candles in the center of your tables and hang festoon lighting from the rafters to create that rustic village fete feel.

In true Goldfrapp style, the bride wears a feather shrug with dramatic, smokey, glittered eye make-up and the bridesmaids dress in folk style dresses of white cotton and muslin embroidered in black. Bring in some glitzy glamour with metallics, perhaps with sequined clutch bags or glittery make-up.

A rustic buffet would work beautifully here-perhaps a selection of savory pies and seasonal vegetables followed by traditional British deserts-apple crumble, bakewell tart etc. Serve hot chocolate for the kiddies and mulled wine for the grown-ups. Perfect. 

Nothing gets a village fete going like a barn dance or Ceidlih and a traditional folk band would really fit the bill. To keep your guests entertained, line them up with some apple bobbing or giant indoor games such as Jenga. 

Image Credits:

Top Row: Dress with feather shrug by Alan Hannah: Brides, Wreath Decorations: Brides, Wheat wreath tied in ribbon: Martha Stewart
Middle Row: Bouquet of coxcomb and ferns: Instyle Weddings, Wheat shef centrepiece: Martha Stewart, Green stationery: Martha Stewart, Bride with floral head wreath: Brides
Bottom Row: Felt Mountain inner sleeve image: Goldfrapp, Gold Sequins. 

Monday, 27 October 2008

Crafty Bride #3: Delicious Tiramisu Trifle Cupcakes

I find that cooking is a great way to unwind and just because you're planning the most important day of your lives, it doesn't mean that every waking hour has to be about the wedding. Ok...if it HAS to be about the wedding 24/7 then these little beauties would make perfect edible favours. I found them at Cupcake Recipes and they remind me of the most to-die-for tiramisu ice cream we had on honeymoon. Give them a try!


Saturday, 25 October 2008

Eye Candy #8: Vicky Trainor Stationery

I rarely feature stationery for some reason, but it's not done intentionally! So I nipped over to see what Vicky Trainor was up to with her latest collection and fell in love with all the florals she's gone to town with. The cool, muted tones would work beautifully for an Autumn wedding, and the brighter shades of hot pinks, yellows and blues for one in Summer. Hope you enjoy the mini selection!

Image Credits:

Image Four: Ava in ice blue.

** all copyright of Vicky Trainor

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Mood Montage: Let Them Eat Cake

                                   [Click Image to Enlarge]

This idea just makes me squeal with girlish excitement-how deliciously scrummy IS this?! I've taken inspiration from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette (2006) staring Kirsten Dunst for this scheme, with a brighter take on pastel ice-cream shades. It's all about shoes, cakes and couture. 
Just like the movie, this theme packs a girly punch. If you're going to go for it, go for it in a BIG way. Think excess, luxury...

You can't get any bigger than a palace, with Hampton Court being my absolute favourite and Blickling Hall a close second. Choose a venue with large gardens so you can host within a marquee or use the space for outdoor evening entertainment such as a firework display-anything fit for a queen. 

It's all about volume, big hooped ball gowns layered with luxurious tulle, brocade, taffeta. You can really accessorize with this one, using delicate small hats or larger bonnets if you want to stay true to the Rococo era. 
Dress your girls in a classic corseted dress with a modern twist to bring it bang up to date-I love the shocking yellow against the black in this Max Chaoul number.

Flowers and Decor...
Be creative and go for sculptural floral displays, from waxflowers rested in teatering teacups, to huge explosions of tall headed blooms bursting out from ceramic urns. Cut your bouquet down to size with a neat little nosegay posy of candy pink roses to counterbalance the size of the wedding dress. 
Marie Antoinette apparently loved her lace and you can bring this out in the little details. Tie lace trim around your confetti cones, introduce it into your stationery or wrap some round your bouquet.

You can't go wrong with a traditional stacked cake, decorated with a flock motif, or if you want to think a little outside the box, have a dessert table full of cake, or a huge stack of French Fancies and petit fours. Delicious!

Image Credits:

Top Row: Row of Marie's shoes: Jeweled Elegance, Wedding dress: Mira Zwillinger at Brides
Middle Row: Yellow and black corset dress: Max Chaoul, Marie's shoes: Jeweled Elegance, Rose and hyacinth nosegay: Martha Stewart Living
Bottom Row: Hot pink placecards: The Knot, Confetti cones: Brides, Waxflower teacups: Brides, Lilac floral display: Scarlet and Violet, Baroque cake: Martha Stewart Living

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Top Trend: Moo Mosaic Frames

The latest photographic trends are moving away from the traditional photo albums with brides opting for ultra modern photo books. The top end produced by Graphistudio and the more affordable option by the likes of Swiss company BobBooks have paved the way for others to follow suit. 

London based print company 'Moo' have come up with a new concept and I love it! With their mini cards design you can upload up to 100 of your own images at one time which are printed on acid free top quality card and then assemble 20 of  your favourites into a Mosaic Frame. It couldn't be easier, as the short demonstration will show. 

We're going to have a go with our wedding photos and I'll let you know how we get on!

Video by Moo

Monday, 20 October 2008

Mood Montage: Roman Holiday

Getting married abroad is now becoming the more popular choice for couples these days and Italy has all the romance, culture and atmosphere you could ever want. This concept started with the Vespa-ever since we got back from honeymoon in the Amalfi Coast where the best way to get around is on a scooter, I've been thinking about investing in one! That led me to the classic Audrey Hepburn film, Roman Holiday and there we are!
Here I've combined deep reds and pinks with earthy browns and slate grey. 

Venue: Ceremony in a small quiet church or blessing in the gardens of a villa outside Rome, followed by a reception in a street cafe/restaurant in a square (to people watch) or in the gardens of a villa. Italians love a wedding and there's nothing better than celebrating your nuptials with the locals and a cool glass of Prosecco.

Dress: It's going to be hot, so this chic pleated dress is perfect for bridesmaids to keep them cool. I chose a short lace gown for the bride so she can scoot off on the back of a Vespa with her new husband for a spin after the ceremony. 

Flowers and Decor: Having a wedding abroad in a stunning location means you needn't make any real effort at all where flowers and decor are concerned. Carry a deep, bright velvety bouquet of red peonies, roses and calla lilies and have small potted geraniums as centrepieces on your tables. For the evening, dress your venue with hundreds of tealights in lanterns and coloured glass jars. 

Image Credits:

Top Row: Temira pleat dress: Coast,  Vespa: by Historicus at Flickr, 'Nina' in short at Stephanie Allin
Middle Row: Italian Meringue drops: Martha Stewart, Peony, rose and calla lily bouquet: Brides, Potted Geraniums: Martha Stewart
Bottom Row: Trevi Fountain, Sistine Chapel: Belief Net

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Eye Candy #7: Carolyn Mackenzie Cakes

This week, I'm treating you to eye candy in the literal sense. What this woman can't do with sugar and icing just isn't worth knowing about! Carolyn runs her cake making company from her home in Hampstead and has a real genuine love for flowers and cake. We had the pleasure of one of her cakes for our own wedding and the whole process from start to finish was an absolute joy. She took great care in designing it to our theme and as all her cakes are unique, bespoke creations, there was no danger in having the same as someone else. She even created the official cake for the West End launch of Mary Poppins. Her incredible sugar flowers are simply breath taking and no photo can really do them justice, however, these will have to do for now!

Image Credits:
All images copyright of Carolyn Mackenzie.

Crafty Bride #2: Bridesmaid Survival Kits at Style Me Pretty

Technically, there's not much to be crafty about this week, but the joy lies in putting this one together. I love this idea. If you really want to give your bridesmaids a thoughtful gift, give them something to suit their personalities. 

Start with finding a gorgeous container, be it a cute leather suitcase such as the one pictured, or a decorative box or handbag, then fill it with lots of little bits and pieces. As this is a survival kit, you would start with the obligatory hangover remedies, plasters, sewing kits, hair spray, tissues etc. anything that might be needed on the day of the wedding. After that you can be really creative. Wrap up her favourite perfume, a book by her favourite author or if she's into her films, membership to her local cinema.
I managed to find some really pretty cases from Creative Craft Central at Etsy. Have fun!!!

Image Credits:

Friday, 17 October 2008

Rustic Blooms

Image Credits:

Top Row: Gloriosa lilies, roses and dahlias at Instyle Weddings, Roses and sweet peas at

Middle Row: Roses, rosemary and rustic leaves at, Lambs ear, thyme, rosemary, sage, muscari and lily of the valley at Martha Stewart Living

Bottom Row: Garden roses, dates and kumquats at Martha Stewart Living, Orange ranunculus at Instyle Weddings

Grant-Riley Weddings

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Made In Heaven: Grecian Goddess

Ohhhhhhhh my!!! I nearly fell over myself when I found this beeeeaaaautiful creation by Warehouse. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm frantically trying to find an excuse to buy it...can't really wear it to work...there's no family weddings coming up...what do I do?! 

With winter fast approaching this would make the most incredible dress for your chief bridesmaid or even the bride if she wants to be a little unconventional. The icy cool blue with dark blue and grey beading on the bodice would work beautifully with a blue and silver theme, even with gold if you want to warm it up. 

You'd be a fool not to buy one of these dresses!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wedding News: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Don't forget to pop over to Elizabeth Anne Designs this week! I'm lucky enough to be guest blogging for Ami and Rebekah this week on their beautiful blog, talking about the finer points of planning my wedding. So far we talked about the theme, the dress, stationery and looking after your guests...plenty more to come!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Processional: Beautiful Music

There are probably five traditional pieces of music which have become the most popular to play during the processional, the defining moment where the bride makes her entrance as everybody gasps with wonder...

1. Wagner Wedding March from Lohengrin
2. Pachelbel Cannon in D
3. Schubert Ave Maria
4. Henry Purcel Trumpet Voluntary
5. Vivaldi Spring
** in no particular order

Sometimes I'm asked to come up with some more original suggestions for the bride who wants to be a little bit different. Of course, it all depends on the type of ceremony you're having and there will be certain restrictions. Civil ceremonies may offer the most choice for couples who prefer modern music but these can't contain any religious references. The same applies for church ceremonies, whereby any materials chosen should be related to God and the church, although your vicar or minister may waver a few things if they chose to do so. 

You can be really creative with it. One of piece of music I was considering using for my own wedding was The Mission by Ennio Morricone, but it makes me cry at the best of times so I decided to leave that one! 
Film soundtracks offer a wealth of choice. I chose pieces from Under The Tuscan Sun for some of our pre-ceremony music (it's one of my fave cheesy chick flicks and it tied in with our subtle Italian theme) and you can incorporate music from some of your favourite films into your ceremony if you're a bit of a movie buff. Here's some that I love...

Big Fish Theme from Tim Burton's Big Fish (this one REALLY makes me cry!)

Yes, I know, some of those are really cheesy but would transfer really well with a pianist or string quartet, even a solo guitarist. I can see a beautiful bride entering the room to any one of those pieces of music...and now I'm off to dry my eyes...

Eye Candy #6: Louis Mariette

I was flicking through the Oct/Nov edition of Cosmo Bride and my jaw dropped when I found this amazing creation by Louis Mariette... 

                        [Royal Diamante: £750.00]

This man is a magician. Growing up in Africa, he would collect precious stones, beads,seed pods and trimmings from local tribes whilst exploring his exotic surroundings. His work today takes inspiration from the flora and fauna of his homeland, from beautiful birds with striking feathers, to beetles and dragonflies. I'm fascinated by his use of form and texture, shown in not only his headpieces, but in his jewellery and accessories as well. His collection of hat designs have a very surreal style and make a real statement, but here, I chose the more classic vintage pieces, the kind that wouldn't look out of place on a 1920s bride...

                             [Azzure: £110.00]

                         [Tabitha £140.00]

                             [Pearl: £160.00]

Friday, 10 October 2008

Crafty Bride #1: Martha Stewart's Crafted Bouquet

I love to make things. I find it relaxing. It took me the best part of a week to put together our place cards (in between eating, sleeping and having a life!) and you can see how to make those over at Elizabeth Anne Designs next week. This is a new weekly feature for the crafty bride which shows you how to make some scrummy items from your wedding-it could be could be favours...or maybe a gift for your bridesmaids. This week, I'm kicking off with a rather delicate paper bouquet by the mother of everything weddings and crafts, Martha Stewart. How I wish I was a long lost daughter! Does that make me sad?


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Mood Montage: Autumn Leaves

                                           [Click Image to Enlarge]

Rich, warm colours echoing the essence of Autumn make up this inviting montage. What better way to celebrate an October/November wedding by bringing influence from outdoors, indoors. Imagine crisp, fresh mornings with bright blue skies and not a cloud in sight. I'm bringing in golds, deep burnt oranges, browns and deep greens for this one...

The Dress: I love this strapless ankle length tulle dress with a deep green velvet sash. It's simple and understated and the perfect dress to accessorize with a stunning pair of shoes and a lace bolero to keep the chill off your shoulders.
Bring in some glitz and glamour with this stunning embellished cocktail dress by Karen Millen for your bridesmaids with a black sash which mirrors that of the bride's.

Flowers and Decor: Draw from rich colours of fallen leaves with flowers to match. This arrangement of orchids, gloriosa lilies, amarylis and roses is filled out with artichoke, radicchio leaves, swiss chard and deep purple plums. Fill tall vases full of deep red apples or use mini squashes as place name holders and pumpkins as lanterns. 

Stationery: Introduce this colour scheme into your stationery with silver or gold calligraphy written onto deep brown paper. This striking papercut art picture would make a wonderful cover for your invitations, setting the tone for a warm and cosy Autumnal wedding.

Image Credits:

Top Row: Dress: Stewart Parvin on the runway at the Designer Wedding Show: Image by Designer Wedding Show, Chocolate cake by Sincredible Pastries: Image by Luke Walker Photography, The Knot. Embellished dress by Karen Millen.
Centre: Pink Lady hair comb by Paris at Perfect Details
Bottom Row: Calligraphy: Laura Hooper, Floral arrangement: Blumengarten & Co. image by Matt Leyes,  Papercut Art: Tinatarnoff at Etsy

Top Trend: Dresses Go Short and Sweet

Yes I know, it's not Summer anymore and it's only going to get colder, but in case there's anyone planning their wedding for Spring/Summer 09 then this is for you. Think outside the box and work that short dress! Who says you have to wear a full length gown and anyway, if you're going to spend a fortune on a gorgeous pair of shoes, why not show them off to their full potential?!

These beauties are adorned with layers of tulle, sequins, ruffles and lace-it's all about texture and structure. Perfect for a 1960s wedding!

Image Credits:

Row One and Two: A selection by Angel Sanchez
Row Three: 'Rock 'N' Roll' and 'Biba' by Ian Stuart
Row Four: 'Alistere' and 'Theodore' by Delphine Manivet