Sunday, 12 October 2008

Eye Candy #6: Louis Mariette

I was flicking through the Oct/Nov edition of Cosmo Bride and my jaw dropped when I found this amazing creation by Louis Mariette... 

                        [Royal Diamante: £750.00]

This man is a magician. Growing up in Africa, he would collect precious stones, beads,seed pods and trimmings from local tribes whilst exploring his exotic surroundings. His work today takes inspiration from the flora and fauna of his homeland, from beautiful birds with striking feathers, to beetles and dragonflies. I'm fascinated by his use of form and texture, shown in not only his headpieces, but in his jewellery and accessories as well. His collection of hat designs have a very surreal style and make a real statement, but here, I chose the more classic vintage pieces, the kind that wouldn't look out of place on a 1920s bride...

                             [Azzure: £110.00]

                         [Tabitha £140.00]

                             [Pearl: £160.00]

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