Sunday, 19 October 2008

Eye Candy #7: Carolyn Mackenzie Cakes

This week, I'm treating you to eye candy in the literal sense. What this woman can't do with sugar and icing just isn't worth knowing about! Carolyn runs her cake making company from her home in Hampstead and has a real genuine love for flowers and cake. We had the pleasure of one of her cakes for our own wedding and the whole process from start to finish was an absolute joy. She took great care in designing it to our theme and as all her cakes are unique, bespoke creations, there was no danger in having the same as someone else. She even created the official cake for the West End launch of Mary Poppins. Her incredible sugar flowers are simply breath taking and no photo can really do them justice, however, these will have to do for now!

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All images copyright of Carolyn Mackenzie.

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