Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Mood Montage: Folk Tales

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I had this idea whilst watching Goldfrapp at the BBC Electric Proms. I have always been a huge fan of Alison Goldfrapp's slightly surreal, off the wall style which leans towards animalia, whether it be through glamour (the time she dressed as part peacock) or through folklore as you'll see from the video. The set has been dressed in a twisted village fete theme, with wheat sheafs tied to mic stands, harlequin print on the walls, paper lanterns hung from the ceiling and her backing singers each wearing an animal themed masquerade mask. 
This montage is a slightly more sedate version bringing in earthy folky greens and golds mixed with feminine shades of mauve...

This theme lends itself beautifully to a village hall-a space which offers a blank canvas that can be dressed, or an old hotel or house with beamed ceilings, perhaps of the Tudor period. It offers warmth, a cosy snug in which to relax away from the cold.

Flowers and Decor...
Recreate the old harvest festivals you used to have at school, with bundles of wheat tied and pussy willow with coxcomb and dried poppy heads. Hang wreaths of holly and ivy on the doors outside with green and mauve satin ribbons. 
Arrange clusters of ivory church candles in the center of your tables and hang festoon lighting from the rafters to create that rustic village fete feel.

In true Goldfrapp style, the bride wears a feather shrug with dramatic, smokey, glittered eye make-up and the bridesmaids dress in folk style dresses of white cotton and muslin embroidered in black. Bring in some glitzy glamour with metallics, perhaps with sequined clutch bags or glittery make-up.

A rustic buffet would work beautifully here-perhaps a selection of savory pies and seasonal vegetables followed by traditional British deserts-apple crumble, bakewell tart etc. Serve hot chocolate for the kiddies and mulled wine for the grown-ups. Perfect. 

Nothing gets a village fete going like a barn dance or Ceidlih and a traditional folk band would really fit the bill. To keep your guests entertained, line them up with some apple bobbing or giant indoor games such as Jenga. 

Image Credits:

Top Row: Dress with feather shrug by Alan Hannah: Brides, Wreath Decorations: Brides, Wheat wreath tied in ribbon: Martha Stewart
Middle Row: Bouquet of coxcomb and ferns: Instyle Weddings, Wheat shef centrepiece: Martha Stewart, Green stationery: Martha Stewart, Bride with floral head wreath: Brides
Bottom Row: Felt Mountain inner sleeve image: Goldfrapp, Gold Sequins. 

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