Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Processional: Beautiful Music

There are probably five traditional pieces of music which have become the most popular to play during the processional, the defining moment where the bride makes her entrance as everybody gasps with wonder...

1. Wagner Wedding March from Lohengrin
2. Pachelbel Cannon in D
3. Schubert Ave Maria
4. Henry Purcel Trumpet Voluntary
5. Vivaldi Spring
** in no particular order

Sometimes I'm asked to come up with some more original suggestions for the bride who wants to be a little bit different. Of course, it all depends on the type of ceremony you're having and there will be certain restrictions. Civil ceremonies may offer the most choice for couples who prefer modern music but these can't contain any religious references. The same applies for church ceremonies, whereby any materials chosen should be related to God and the church, although your vicar or minister may waver a few things if they chose to do so. 

You can be really creative with it. One of piece of music I was considering using for my own wedding was The Mission by Ennio Morricone, but it makes me cry at the best of times so I decided to leave that one! 
Film soundtracks offer a wealth of choice. I chose pieces from Under The Tuscan Sun for some of our pre-ceremony music (it's one of my fave cheesy chick flicks and it tied in with our subtle Italian theme) and you can incorporate music from some of your favourite films into your ceremony if you're a bit of a movie buff. Here's some that I love...

Big Fish Theme from Tim Burton's Big Fish (this one REALLY makes me cry!)

Yes, I know, some of those are really cheesy but would transfer really well with a pianist or string quartet, even a solo guitarist. I can see a beautiful bride entering the room to any one of those pieces of music...and now I'm off to dry my eyes...

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