Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Keeping Mum

When you're busy being swept away in all the excitement of planning your big day, it's easy to over look mum in the process. Some mothers can be really difficult and want to take over completely, whilst others can become withdrawn and remove themselves from it all, leaving their daughter wondering if they're at all interested. It's all about trying (and I mean trying) to find that happy medium. Mummy Grant never had a big dream wedding day as it were and believe it or not, weddings (until now) just weren't a big thing in our family. Hence why, when we got engaged, I wanted to make sure we made it a real family occasion, including everyone as much as we possibly good wherever possible. I wanted to make sure my Mum was a real part of it. 

During the final few months in the run up to the wedding, my Mum became Imelda Marcos incarnate. I had tentatively accompanied her on a shopping trip to find her outfit and I knew how much she'd been dreading it as she was worried she wouldn't look the part. After a surprisingly stress-free few hours, we found her a gorgeous dress. All she needed after that was the shoes. She bought one pair...thought they might not be dressy enough, so she bought another...and another...until five pairs later I persuaded her to wear the first. Typical! 

My Mum made the most amazing contribution towards our wedding-she poured her heart into sewing my wedding dress. Although we missed out on going shopping for the dress together, we had our teary moment in our studio the week before the day, standing in my nearly finished dress in my shoes and veil while she pinned the hem.  On the morning of my wedding day, she was there to help me get into it, zipping me up and tying the sash at the back. It was a real mother/daughter moment, however nervous or pushed for time we were. She came with me in the car on the journey to the ceremony, keeping me talking (I was a wreck!) and she was there throughout the day, tying up my bloody sash when it kept un-doing!! 

It was wonderful to see her having such a wonderful time, to see her so proud. When it came my turn to make my speech I made sure to tell everyone how special she was to me (I think she liked that) and she signed the register after the ceremony along with my new brother in-law...

So, listen to mum, talk to her, keep her in the loop and make her feel a real part of things. Sure, she might drive you crazy at times but you're her little girl getting married, let her get excited about it!

I'll stop with the cheese now. Thanks Mum!!!


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