Friday, 30 January 2009

Eye Candy #17: Fancy Nancy Cakes

I'm very privileged to be able to introduce you to Fancy Nancy cakes! We met the lovely Juliet and Nancy last week as we were keen to sign them up as our latest suppliers. Their famous patchwork cake had the UK wedding magazines clammouring to be the first to feature it in their magazine and it caused a real stir among the brides, so we knew we had to get a slice! With them they brought a delicious box of kitsch blue and black cupcakes and pink and red glittery lip biscuits for us to sample...needless to say we spent the afternoon gorging and were not disappointed!

The girls have just found themselves a gorgeous shop in Leigh-on-sea and are now busying themselves in time for its launch, ready to fill it full of bespoke, hand painted cakes, cupcakes, biscuits-the works. They even work with a local fabric designer whose pattens can translate onto your cake and match your colour scheme. 

Welcome on board girls-we can see big things happening for you!

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**all images copyright of Fancy Nancy


  1. Wonderful blog, love these cakes, what a find! I have just tagged you with the Lemonade award on my blog :D

  2. They look gorgeous, almost like they could actualy be unwrapped. Im imprsessed