Thursday, 22 January 2009

Hopelessly In Love With...J Crew

I'd not really heard of J.Crew until Michelle Obama-sorry, the First Lady, came on the scene. Now it seems, it's the name on everyone's lips and she's got the whole family wearing it.

It just so happens that they also have a rather gorgeous range of wedding dresses and I'm in love with those details, from pockets and beading to feathery pleats...

Annabelle Gown

Lucienne Gown

Linen Silk Tussah Rosette Gown

Jewelled Cady Gown

Crepe Mimi T-Shirt Gown

Feather Chiffon Gown

Image Credits:
**All images taken from J.Crew Brides


  1. I was all "How could she have never heard of JCrew?" and then realized you're not here, you're in England. I have a serious addiction to that store.

  2. Haha yeah I know! I'm trying to figure out how I can make shopping at Anthropologie a weekly event...and now this has thrown a spanner in the works!