Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Beautiful Boudoir...

Since we married (six months ago today!) we've been hoarding some of our wedding donations ready and waiting to have our bedroom decorated. Mr Riley's dad just happens to be a very accomplished builder and as we live in an old house, we're having a complete overhaul- re-plastering, dipping and stripping of the woodwork-you name it. 

I NEED your help. Having wanted some gorgeous wallpaper in our room for a very long time to make a feature of, I've finally fallen in love with two designs by Nina Campbell. Problem is...I don't know which. 



We have a very small bedroom, so we can't get away with dark colours very well, but I just love how light and airy these are, and obviously vintage! It will only go on one wall rather than all over and the rest will be painted but I can't choose the paint until I've got the right paper. Please help me decide, I have approximately two weeks before D-Day!


  1. Ooh, I think I like the Perroquet!!!

  2. They are both absolutely lovely. I have been coveting the Farfalla desin myself for our flat so normally I would say that that design has the edge for me. If the room is small, though, I think perhaps the lighter background and gorgeous spring-like colours of the Perroquet would give the room the airy quality you are hoping for. Either way that is going to be one pretty bedroom!!

  3. How lovely...I would choose the Perroquet for its vintage elegance. I would adore waking up to see such pretty colours it would inspire such a happy mood to start each day!

  4. Definitely the Perroquet, trust me butterflies are lovely but the love birds are a definite up and coming trend! Love the vintage style and please post the finished results :)