Sunday, 15 February 2009

Bring Life to a Blank Canvas

If there's one thing I've noticed recently, it's that more and more brides are opting to hold their reception at a village hall or at home in their gardens. While this isn't necessarily a budget saving option, it can provide you with a wealth of wonderful design options. At the same time this can leave you in a bit of a quandary when it comes to dressing your space and making the most of it.

For those lucky enough to have an large outdoor space, you could opt for a a real statement structure. Forget the marquee. Hire a stunning Grand Pavilion and really wow your guests. Made almost entirely from ash wood, this beautiful creation really sets the standard for your reception, giving you the the scope to transform the vast amount of space into something entirely your own.


A key factor in designing a space is to consider the lighting. What will the room look like at different times of day? Are there any defining features that would benefit from highlighting? A room takes on a totally different vibe in the evening and is a perfect opportunity to bring in lanterns (these look fabulous unlit in the day time) which bring a different point of interest later on. Alternatively you can use carefully positioned fairy lighting, candles and coloured uplighting (see image above). 

Village halls can be the perfect basis for a bespoke wedding reception depending on the type of hall you hire and Megan and Matt's reception last July is the ideal example to show you (see image above). As an ultra creative lady, Megan had spent months in the lead up to the big day creating homemade bunting to compliment their theme, along with soft netting drapes to replace the existing curtains in the hall. The couple also hired in wooden folding chairs to give more of an organic vintage feel-the hall's own chairs were rather heavy and imposing. As the decor in the hall was totally neutral, your eye was completely drawn into their soft village fete theme, with posies of roses, lilacs and sweet peas in jam jars and wallpaper table runners candles.  

I thought I'd leave you with some inspiring images to take forward into your own planning...


Image Credits:
Grand Pavilion-LPM Bohemia
Green and yellow village fete theme-Megan and Matt. Lucy Hackett Photography
Outdoor reception with lanterns: Theresa and Jon at Martha Stewart Weddings 
Green scene: Brides 
Megan and Scott in Kiawah Island: Brides

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