Saturday, 7 February 2009

Dress Your Girls...

Dress Your Girls

in pastels. These shades can be tricky to wear for some skin tones, so makes sure you check your bridesmaids' complexions before you decide to go with this one. The safest way to go about this colour scheme is to introduce it in small touches. The dress for example has a light pale pink wash, but by bringing in deeper shades of peppermint green and dusky pink (picked out in the rose corsage and shoes) you don't risk a wash-out. 

There is plenty of texture in this outfit too which I love, patent shoes with ribbon ties, a soft cotton cardigan and a lace parasol. Also note that you don't always have to have bouquets for your girls-they can carry a parasol as an alternative (although not a great idea for indoors!) or wear wrist corsages instead. 

Happy shopping!

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