Sunday, 1 February 2009

Made In Heaven: Pushing Daisies' Chuck

Friday saw the highly anticipated start of Pushing Daisies Series 2 and we were not disappointed! I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how much I love this program-the story line is genius, the set is incredibly fresh and vibrant (not to mention vintage kitsch), the pie maker could make me pies any day of the week, but ultimately, it's ALL about Chuck. 

I've not seen one outfit yet that I haven't drooled over and wanted for my I've picked out a selection just for you. 

With an emphasis on femininity with floral fabrics, crocheted cardies and tailored designs with cinched in waists, Chuck's style works beautifully for both brides and bridesmaids...

So if anyone is planning a Pushing Daisies themed wedding, PLEASE give me a call and I'll even do it for free!! By the way...did anyone notice them touch?!


  1. I adore the idea of a pushing daisies themed wedding, I would wear chucks red dress that you have pictured and have the groom in the black converse, ned's jeans and shirt with the black peacoat!

  2. I know this was written a long long time ago now, but my boyfriend and I were just discussing how great it'd be to have a wedding with the same visual feel as Pushing Daisies. If you have any ideas on how that could be achieved without it being over the top, I would love to hear them!