Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Made In Heaven: m t masking tape!!!

Yes, I know, for most people this really isn't very exciting, but for an ex stage monkey (or stage manager) these are a thing of joy. You took pride in your little kit of magic fix 'ems, you can solve ANY problem with a bit of tape. Trust me.

So I was stalking Oh Joy rummaging for little gems and stumbled across this amazing site selling coloured masking tape. I need to get me some of these babies! The colours are just gorgeous, but now they've started doing patterns as well and would look amazing if used to wrap favours or maybe even lining your stationery-the possibilities are endless...

Image Credits:
mt tape

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  1. Yes I also LOVE these tapes and have had a hard time finding an american site that sells them...until now. Etsy.com now sells them. YAY Great for decorating your journals!!