Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mood Montage: Apricot Blush

Apricot Blush

This colour scheme makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, full of anticipation of spring! By now, blue skies aren't a rarity and with some warm sunshine you can afford to bring your wedding outside amongst the birds and bees. Apricot is set to be a huge trend for 2009 and I love this blush combination using shades of apricot, pinks and creams. It's all about using natural, warm tones-from the citric orange of the nasturtium flowers, to the billowy ice cream pink of the ranunculus. The best thing about using this combination of colours is that you can't really over do it, providing you create the right balance and if you don't feel confident enough to go all out, then just use a splash. Think soft, warm, classic elegance...and then pop open that pink champagne. 

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