Thursday, 23 April 2009

Top Tip: Hire Your Decor

Recently, I've been thinking about the opportunities to hire items to save on the wedding budget and that, with more exciting and new hire companies coming onto the market, it should be something we take advantage of. Vintage weddings always require a certain amount of dressing, whether it be tea cups and pots, decanters or strings of pearls. While it can be wonderful if you have time to pootle round the antique stalls and charity shops, what starts as a cost effective solution can mount up. For our wedding I collected gilt and cobalt blue tea cups (yes, I was that specific-they matched our theme!) and on Ebay they were at least £6 each before P&P which, as much as I love having them as souvenirs, didn't exactly help the budget. 

We are lucky enough to have some wonderfully dedicated hire companies offering such a wide range of choices. A few weeks back I met with Beck and Louisa of Grace & Tailor, a vintage dressing and hire company we discovered at the Designer Wedding Show, and we discussed the importance in promoting hiring to brides as a cost effective option. They have access to some really unusual props due to the various launches they dress aside from wedding events including large picture frames which can double up as fun props for photos later in the day. Of course, with a passion for vintage they also have heaps of  linens, lamp shades, flower pots and tea sets and even have their own workshop for custom made pieces. 

There are also companies such as Abor Verde offering luscious bay laurel trees to bring some greenery into the proceedings as well as more contemporary items such as ghost chairs and minimalist white sofas at Great Hire.

So my advice is to shop around and get some quotes for hire-particularly where crockery is concerned as some items cost as little as a couple of pounds each. It saves you time too. Take control of that budget!

Image Credits:
Crockery from Grace & Tailor
Bay trees from Arbor Verde

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