Friday, 1 May 2009

Top Trend: Creative Hen Parties

I'm quietly glad to witness the slow demise of the tacky hen party and in the words of Chris Rock: 

"That's right-IIIIIIIIII said it!!!!"

The stereotypical drunken night out with a gaggle of manic hens covered from head to toe in 'L' plates and veils is coming to an end in favour of more refined options. Vintage crafts and baking. Hallelujah! 

Brides looking for a different approach to a good send off are keen to explore more creative avenues with more of a team building/bonding atmosphere. The Papered Parlour in Clapham is fabulous. Recently launched, this artistic haven for artisans, thespians and anyone with a flair or passion for getting crafty is perfect for tea and cakes in the cafe or private workshops. You can also hire their space for a Parlour Party in, funnily enough, their parlour room! Decked out in vintage handprinted wallpaper and period furniture it makes a great backdrop for a 1940s cocktail party or 50s Rockabilly dance. So, whether it's knitting, screen printing or quilting, there's something for every crafty bride there.

Another increasingly popular trend is baking classes, provided by cupcake companies as an alternative sideline. If you're eager to try your hand at making your own deliciously baked goods, then take a look at Cookie Girl, run by Xanthe Milton the "Nigella Lawson of the cake world" as quoted by London Lite paper. Her popular Cocktail and Cupcake hen parties held at the Drawing Room are £80 per person for two hours and she also holds cake decorating classes there for £45 each including a glass of champers. 

So if you happen to be organizing a hen party and you're keen to learn new skills to take on into married life, or would just enjoy a civilized day with the girls, then give something like this a go. Or maybe just go for afternoon tea instead!

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