Thursday, 4 June 2009

SFC Vintage Masterclass: 1940s-A Practical Romance

I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Yvonne Ottley-Awuah, co-owner of SFC (Simply Fab Company) a fabulous(!) hair and make-up team helping brides look gorgeous on their wedding day. We met at a vintage event last year where Yvonne was showcasing her company using iconic make-up styles from various 20th Century eras. This week she's sharing her tips on how to achieve the perfect 1940s look...

'By the swinging 40s, make-up was as romantic as it was practical. Natural beauties (natural with "a little support") were the ideal of the 40s. Lips were in more dynamics of red; skin had a more natural glow than the porcelain finish of the 1930s and blush was a girl's best friend. Here's how to get the look...

Step By Step Guide:

1.Begin by sweeping a vanilla/tan eye shadow all over your lids as a base and then add some warm coloured shimmer just below your brow-bone and the inside corners of your eyes. 
2. Next, apply a light layer of a deep brown shadow to your socket, blend well and then dab more of the warm shimmer in the centre of  your upper lid. 
3. Line your upper lashes with liquid black eyeliner and line the bottom lashes as well. 
4. Apply thickening black mascara to the top and bottom lashes for full on effect.
5. Take your eyebrow pencil and lightly run it along the natural shape of the brow, use the side of the tip to fill in the brow where needed. Or use a brow powder brush for a softer look. 

6. Contour your cheeks with a matte bronzer and a natural shade of blush. Combining the two creates a healthy, neutral glow to the face.
7. Add a little bit of highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and blend outward to enhance the dewy, soft effect.

8. Base lips with a creamy nude liner. Brighten up the edges surrounding your lip by applying a light dab of concealer, using a small brush to blend.
9. Apply a red lipstick to your lips using your lip brush and finish with a red gloss for dazzling shine. 

Masterclass Tip:
As a fun finishing touch, take a black waterproof eyeliner and carefully and precisely, create a false beauty mark near your lip.'

Many thanks Yvonne!

Image Credits:
Words and images by SFC

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