Sunday, 19 July 2009

Beautify The Bathroom

The bathroom is always one of the most overlooked areas at a wedding, yet often one of the more important. It's somewhere for the girls to convene for a bit of a chat in between courses, reapply their make-up, grab some tissues for those tears...or even hold each other's hair back when they've had a bit too much champagne. Hey, it happens, ok?

On my rounds during venue inspections, I always check the state of the bathrooms as much as I do the reception rooms and grounds. Find out how often they're cleaned, look at the general cleanliness, is there a good supply of toilet paper and hand towels? What about the soap in the dispensers? 

Dressing up your bathrooms add a special touch of little details to your wedding day. For instance-have you thought about offering mini soaps which can double up as favours? Hand lotion? Adding a scented candle for ambience? Perhaps a few pairs of stockings just in case some of your guests ladder their own? 

I've found a selection of gorgeous toiletries to inspire...

Claus Porto

I'm a BIG fan of Porto, partly for the vintage packaging taken from original factory archives (generally Art Deco as well as Nouveau). These are a very special addition to any bathroom and smell delicious too. 

Cologne & Cotton

I love these 19th Century French style bottles. Add single scented stems to each one or fill them with fragrance diffusers. Heavenly. Choose from bottles or jars at Cologne & Cotton.



Fico D'India

For a taste of the Mediterranean, choose from a gorgeous selection of candles by Ortigia. All of their products are made with natural Sicilian ingredients-olive, almond, pistachio and palm oils and scented with florals such as orange blossom, geranium (my favourite) and lavender. 

Image Credits:
Vintage style bathroom: This Old House
French bottles: Cologne & Cotton
Ortigia candles: Ortigia

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