Friday, 10 July 2009

My Fondant Fancy at Fancy Nancy!

Yesterday I began my quest for the ultimate wedding cake with a visit to Fancy Nancy up in Leigh-on-Sea. As you may have already read, I'm going to be making a wedding cake for friends marrying at the end of July and I wanted to go right to the top for tips and advice...

I arrived at 12pm after an exciting voyage across the river via ferry, to find the lovely Nancy beavering away on their latest order, a button cake for a wedding this weekend. With the basis of the cake already prepared she was painstakingly attaching sugar buttons and piping mini blue and ivory pearls all the way round each of the three tiers. It was also another baking day in the kitchen for Juliet and Roxanne and the smell of freshly baked sponge that wafted through the shop made me realize I really don't bake enough!

Before long, the initial stages of decorating were complete (some of which was done by yours truly!) and the buttons and pearls were ready to be pearlized with topaz paste...

With the deadline looming, we sat the cake on a table out in the little cafe and painted the buttons and pearls with the topaz to create a gorgeous sheen while Juliet piped the sugar string onto each button. It's amazing the amount of work that goes into one cake, each one a real labour of love...

And just to prove I did do some I am getting stuck in with a paint brush!

Before I left I managed to get a shot of the cake in its almost finished state. Isn't the soft pink and turquoise blue theme sweet?!

And then of course, took some chocolate fondant cupcakes home for tea! I couldn't return home empty handed, hubby would never forgive me! 

So, now I'm armed with all the information I need to put together a stunning wedding cake, I need YOUR help. Send over your ideas and suggestions to before July 20th and you could see your design immortalized in sponge and icing!

Thanks to the lovely girlies at Fancy Nancy. See you soon!

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  1. How is the cake coming on after Juliet's expert tutoring?

    Thanks so much for your anniversary wishes. We had a lovely time celebrating in France and finally opened all our messages from the day. I have to say I got a bit teary!

    Would be lovely to meet soon x