Monday, 6 July 2009

My Fondant Fancy...

I always manage to get myself into these situations. No sooner had I heard that some close friends of ours were planning to get married within the month on a small budget I was offering to make the cake. Now don't get me wrong, I can work wonders with butter icing, any kind of sponge (apart from red velvets coz mine turned green) but sugar paste, royal and fondant icing? Wouldn't have a clue!

Usually an avid follower of Cake Wrecks (have a look-it's REALLY FUNNY) who likes nothing better than a good snigger at some of the efforts from the safety of my laptop, I realize that I'm now putting myself in a very vulnerable position should my However, not one to turn her back on a challenge, I'm attempting a masterpiece. I've been given free reign on flavour and design and I'm out to prove a point. 

So, I'm opening the floor to you. I want your input! The rules are simple, it must be a two tier cake, something that evokes summer and the personalities of a fun loving, easy-going couple. I've got until July 20th to complete the design. Now get in touch!

Image Credits:
Pansy cake by Ron Ben-Israel: Brides
Ruffled carnation cake by April Reed: Martha Stewart Weddings

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  1. I love the second picture although it does give me a slight feeling of an inevitable march of the barnacles.