Monday, 10 August 2009

My Fondant Fancy: The Wedding!

And so, here it is. The finished article-a two tier, chocolate torte sponge with chocolate, Cointreau and orange zest buttercream. My first attempt at creating a wedding cake. What do you think?

Here's the reason I did it in the first place-Mr and Mrs Harrison! It was a fabulous day (once we got past the panic with the bride stuck in traffic half way across London 30 minutes before the ceremony!) with gorgeous food...and cake of course, although I thought I'd spare everyone the shots of you two shoving the sponge in each other's faces! 

Thanks to Juliet and Nancy at Fancy Nancy for the fabulous sponge recipe (it'll be my little secret too now!) to Rob for being a trooper licking out the bowls and eating left over icing and congratulations to our happy couple!!!!


  1. Fantastic, well done, what a big achievement, your cake looks perfect! Glad you liked the recipe.....thanks! x

  2. As a guest at the wedding and a consumer of the said cake, I can confirm it was deeee-licious!!! I did have to eat several slices though, just to make sure, you understand...hehehehe! It was seriously tasty and looked heavenly. Well done Tiff, you did Mr and Mrs Harrison proud. x

  3. It looks absolutely lovely!!! You did such a great job on the fondant - I know my first attempt wasn't anywhere near as smooth :)