Sunday, 25 September 2011

Birthday Girl

So yesterday was my 28th birthday and I had the most wonderful day with my family, spending the day in Rochester for a spot of lunch and antiquing-basically a typical Tiff day!

My Nigel Slater (I call him my food husband, his food is totally my style) plum & honey cake made by my mum

3 slightly drunk bears in the window of an antique shop in Rochester. They really made us laugh!

Some of my beautiful presents...and two magazines were waiting for me when we got home!

I thought it'd be fun to share some facts about me that you may not, or didn't know. Apparently as my readers you're enjoying the more personal here goes!

1. I don't drive. YET. I am learning...but it doesn't stop me getting to where I need to go.

2. I'm 1/4 Guyanese.

3. My 2nd cousin is Eddy Grant of 'Electric Avenue' fame. In fact, I come from a very musically talented family (that's how we roll).

4. I read with my left eye closed in bed. Sometimes I don't even realise I'm doing it but for some reason I feel more relaxed when I do.

5. I am an awesome cook. I'm also very modest.

6. Maths is not my strongest point, which is great news considering I have to manage budgets! When I was at primary school, I used to give my work sheets to my best friend who sat next to me to do. You can imagine my surprise when I moved to middle school and they put me in the top set. Needless to say, I didn't last very long!

7. Graveyards are a real draw for me. I love to spend an hour or so wandering round then, reading the head stones and trying to imagine what kind of people they were and who they left behind.

8. I met my husband at university. I was the student, he was the lecturer...although not mine I might add ;-)

9. I'm fiercely competitive. Seriously. If I feel someone encroaching on my turf, bring it on. It's good to keep on your toes though, don't you think?

10. My husband and I have been having a brazen love affair with Italy for the past 6 years and plans are being put in place for us to relocate out to Tuscany in the next few years. La dolce vita here we come!

So there we are. A little something about moi. Got any quirky facts about you to share we me?

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  1. Happy birthday Tiffany. A "Tiff" day sound good and yummy looking cake, pressies and magazine with lovely people, can't think of anything better :-)

  2. you came to Rochester... thats right near me! hope you had a good day - some lovely tea shops etc to wander around. hope you went up to see the Castle and Cathedral..


  3. Oh Tiff, I'm just starting to learn too - well as of Wednesday, yikes!

    Get you with your famous-ness - I do love going past Electric Avenue.

    Graveyards are fascinating.