Thursday, 8 September 2011

Wedding News: Welcome Harriet To The Team!

Harriet Maxwell: Creator-Maker
 Last week the wonderfully lovely Harriet joined the team (well, I say 'team''s just the two of us!) as 'Creator-Maker'. She'll mainly work on the design side of our weddings, producing decor and styling alongside me.

It just so happens that she's one incredibly talented lady, the daughter of a painter with a degree in textiles, she studied at Goldsmith's University and is now the Display Manager at one of the most stunning stores in the world, Anthropologie. How could I not take her on?

Take a look at some of her work...

Welcome onboard Harriet! I hope you'll take the time to welcome her too and do say hello if you see her at any of the bridal shows in the coming months.

Image Credits: Harriet Maxwell

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  2. Tiffany say Hi from me, another Goldsmiths textiles graduate and by way I love the Anthropologie stores got to visit the Edinburgh one this summer, plus loved the London and New York store. Display manager in Anthropologie must be best display job in world as well as working with Tiffany Grant-Riley :-)

  3. Hi Tracy!

    Harriet will be pleased to hear that! She was part of the set-up team for the new store in Edinburgh so I'm sure it's amazing. Goldsmith's is a great place, I very nearly went there myself!

  4. The Edinburgh store was more than I expected and I had high expectations having seen the others :-) Bravo Harriet - I carried some little bowls back with me so I am sure they will feature at some point in a photo from "the shed with the chandelier". Best wishes for "The Curiosity Project" - a fantastic curiously fun idea :-)

  5. Congratulations to you both - a serious dream team! Looking forward to hopefully meeting Harriet (& of course seeing Tiffany again!) at a networking event soon ... Jenna x

  6. Oh gosh, you are now going to be unstoppably fabulous!

    I adore the sampler.

  7. Hi Harriet!
    Hope to meet you soon.