Monday, 3 October 2011

Boardwalk Empire, Season Two Premier

A few weeks back I got an extremely excited DM over Twitter from close friend and Love My Dress blogger Annabel Beeforth to say she'd been invited by Sky Atlantic to their season 2 launch party of Boardwalk Empire and would she be interested in attending with some friends. The party was, in true prohibition style, to be held in a secret location where guests were to be treated to a variety of cocktails and other intoxicating liquors, entertained by ungodly dancers and the devil's swing music. You can imagine what both her and my answer was. Y. E. S.

Given the close bond we'd created throughout our pregnancies, we knew we couldn't go without asking 1920s enthusiast Vicky Rowe of Vintage Tea Sets, Clara Bows and, most recently, LeLuxe Clothing UK.

Photographer Kirsten Mavric, who I'd previously worked with on a Boardwalk Empire inspired shoot joined us for the ride and kindly documented the evening for us. Thanks Kirsten!

All of us being huge fans of the hit U.S drama, we couldn't wait to see what was it store for season two-would Jimmy and Al Capone gain the upper hand over Nucky? How would Margaret Schroeder battle with her morals in order to give her children a better life? Just wait and see ;-) 

The Hotel

The girls and I got ourselves into the party mood at the uber chic Trafalgar Hotel whose staff looked after our every need. I love this place, it has it all-attentive staff, great food, the most comfortable beds and did I mention the view?

Views from the roof

Getting Ready

Vicky has recently become the UK supplier of US based company LeLuxe Clothing, meaning we got the pick of the most stunning selection of beaded flapper gowns I have ever seen. The choice was a tricky one, but I fell in love with the Garcon. Vicky also stocks some beautiful designs in ivory, perfect for a 20s bride.


My trusty wedding shoes.

Up On The Roof

Before heading out we soaked up the evening sun up on the Vista Bar for pre-party drinks and dinner. Oh...and a bit of posing too...

Legal Documentation

Here's the invitation subpoena Annabel received calling us all up to play our part at the speakeasy that night (hush-hush n all that).  How amazing are they?!

The Speakeasy

We arrived by taxi at the brilliantly well hidden Candlelight Club, the perfect hot spot for all sorts of illicit activity. The ladies on the door ushered us through a small iron doorway through to a courtyard and in we went...

"Steppin' out with ma baby...!"

The 'Ritz Cocktail' after Nucky's resident hotel in Atlantic City

My Boardwalk Breeze. My oh my, tasted just like saltwater taffy!

The incredible band. Boy those cats could swing. 

Before the screening, the band got the party going as guests arrived and warmed up with a drink of two, followed by some deliciously naughty burlesque. 

The VIP Room

Annabel was whisked off whilst we waited in the bar sipping cocktails to be made up in 1920s style. Kirsten took some cracking shots of the space-utterly drool-worthy as you'll soon see...

Annabel with her stylist

How utterly divine is this shot?!

The Big Screening!

Finally the moment had arrived and eagerly the crowd made their way upstairs to the screening room. Each with a goody bag of refreshments on our laps we settled down to kick off the 1st episode of series 2 of Boardwalk Empire!

Excited much?!

The verdict? We were very impressed. And we liked that the first episode recapped a little of the last series and gave a real flavour of what was to come. It was funny, too.

When do the rest of you mere mortals get to watch it? October 8th my pretties. October 8th, 9pm, Sky Atlantic.

Thanks to:
Annabel Beeforth of Love My Dress for her friendship and of course, a brilliant night out!
Kirsten Mavric for her beautiful photos
Vicky for the giggles and the glamour. I felt like Josephine Baker!
Yvonne Otley and her staff at The Trafalgar Hotel
Sky Atlantic and The Candlelight Club for a swingin' good time. 

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