Saturday, 29 October 2011

Introducing...Mr Grant-Riley Weddings

Who Am I?

I'm Rob Riley, the husband of Tiffany and co-founder of Grant-Riley Weddings. In addition to my involvement in the aforementioned, I'm an IT consultant, programmer, musician, karate student and father. I play guitar a lot and am learning Italian. Busy? YES! Tired? Sometimes. Bored? Never. I genuinely wake up excited 7 days a week.

What's my involvement in the company?

I'm responsible for GRW's web site and anything technical related to web, email, computers and other technologies. I also assist with company administration, accounts, contracts and general decision making. With regards to actual weddings, I assist with administration and logistical planning and generally act as a second pair of eyes and ears for Tiff's creative flow. I'm also an expert at car-loading which, on the big day, is a priceless skill. If there was a record for the most cake stands ever (safely) packed into a Volkswagen..

Do I attend dress fittings and floral consultations?

No. (Well not unless you want me to.) I don't touch the creative stuff at all. But I do, amongst other things, assist in the meticulous construction and management of your wedding budget and timesheet which, if you didn't know, are the two most important documents involved in ensuring your wedding day is a success.

Why, after nearly 5 years of GRW am I only introducing myself now?

In the beginning, we decided to promote Tiff as the sole face of the company. Until now, this has worked for us and there's very few people in the UK wedding industry that haven't heard of her. But as things continue to grow we decided to re-visit this and now feel it's important for current and prospective clients to understand that there's actually a team of people supporting them and managing their day.

So administration and car-loading. Big whoop. Why should that make you want to book with GRW any more?

It's simple. Wedding planning is just that. The clue's in the title. The creative element is only part of it. The rest is meticulously planning the running of a wedding day to the exact minute. And in the unlikely event that the clipboard queen herself should leave a box un-ticked, I'm the one who will be breathing down her neck and (smugly) pointing it out. Ok, this has never actually happened but you get the idea. My enthusiasm is for doing good business, client satisfaction and generally doing the best job possible. I'm the guy who, whatever the job, goes that extra mile to ensure it gets done properly. Hypothetically (but sometimes literally), I arrive before everyone else to get the kettle on and I stay after everyone else to sweep the floor. 

Do I share my wife's level of enthusiasm for vintage?

For shoes and dresses? No. But show me a '69 Dodge Charger...

via HowStuffWorks
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or an original Gretsch Country Gentleman and watch me squeal like a prepubescent girl in the front row of a Justin Bieber concert.

Do I live in a house with too much vintage paraphernalia and not enough storage space?

Of course.

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