Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mini Monsieur & The 1st Birthday Party...

Last Tuesday I became the mother of a one year old. It's been an incredible rollercoaster of a year for all of us, a crash course in parenting for me and Mr Riley, a test of patience, sleep depravation, learning to rely on friends and being supported by family at the drop of a hat. It was a year of extreme highs, from the moment he was born watching him grow month by month, and the lows where we wondered how we'd ever find some sense of normality again. He is the most wonderful person ever to come into our lives, he has the most incredible personality, he's easy going, he loves to laugh, enjoys socialising. We love our Mini Monsieur.

The wonderful Jenny Keegan of In The Treehouse Designs came up with an utterly fabulous design for the invitations...

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And so, I spent a week preparing for his big celebration at the weekend, the basic design of which based on Eric Carle's 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and other garden critters. We hired a hall just a stone's throw from home, enlisted the help of my family and bundled in on an early afternoon to deck it out...

The Decor

The backdrop for the buffet of home baked goodies

I absolutely adore these Japanese paper balloons. They have pride of place above his cot now!

Cordial for thirsty guests-it was one hot day!

Our birthday boy
Guests enjoyed home made sausage rolls, cheese straws, cupcakes, cookies and other scrummy snacks...

Very Hungry Caterpillar malted milk biscuits
Marshmallow and vanilla bean cupcakes

The Cake

My first multi-coloured sponge cake since my dodgy days of experimenting at the age of 15! Vanilla bean sponge. Deliciously moist!

The Prezzies

Mini Monsieur was incredibly spoilt by everyone who came, and his grandparents blew us all away as he unwrapped this beauty...

Pleased as punch!

Unfortunately, grandpa had to lock it away in the kitchen for the remainder of the party as a few of the other little boys decided to fight over it!

His first pair of hi-tops from his aunt and uncle. Cool.

Rockin' grandma's specs

After two solid hours of fun, we sent all the children home with a green balloon each on a little red ribbon and headed home ourselves laden with the spoils of the day.
Thank you to all who came, who gave and who have been there for us and with us from day one. 

And to you, Mini Monsieur, here's to your 1st year. In daddy's word's "you're a legend".  Love you!

Image Credits:
Rhys Grant, The Negative Bear


  1. What a gorgeous little boy who obviously had a fabulous birthday party. x

  2. Happy Birthday you gorgeous little boy, you are one lucky Mini Monsieur to have the Mummy you do. I can't wait to see you again soon little Reuben! ;)

    Much love as always,

    Annabel xXx