Monday, 17 October 2011

NEW! Inspired.By.Harriet

Happy Monday morning to you all and it sure is a wonderful Monday, as we're kicking off the week with our lovely creator/maker Harriet's first inspiration post in her very own series, Inspired.By.Harriet. Each week she'll be bringing plenty of sumptuous wedding inspiration to your fingertips, so show her some love...

Tiffany has asked me to pull some images together that I find inspiring (and that I hope will inspire you too!). I am very excited about my first post!

I have created a moodboard around the theme of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby'. There is something so elegant and graceful about the 1920's, I love the decadence and glamour of the era, with its heavily beaded gowns and delicate sheer fabrics. 

 When pulling together a look, I like to pick and choose particular elements that I find most inspiring to create a unique style. A feature of the 1920's bride that I especially like is the head piece - a close fitting veil usually incorporating one or two oversized flowers. By hunting around vintage fairs, I have found these are often the best places to find lovely antique lace and trimmings, silk flowers, and other gems! If you choose to have embellishments on your veil, a really nice way to bring the look together is to mirror these details on your gown, such as beading or embroidery. It is also a nice idea to pull these ideas through to smaller details, such as lace on your bouquet, or as part of your favours. 

via Esvie  

I noticed that both Kate Moss and Lily Allen wore 1920's inspired veils at their weddings. And with the new 'Great Gatsby' film coming out soon, it will be all the rage!
Creating a vintage look can be really fun - poke around car-boot sales and antique shops, you can find some real treasures that will make your wedding individual.

See you next week!

Harriet x.

Image Credits:

Top: Kate Moss wedding style: via Shine, Sparkle, Glamours, 1920s wedding illustration
Centre: Bouquet via WeddingChicks, headdress by BHLDN, vintage flapper dress via Vintage Textile 
Bottom: Art Deco cake via Project Wedding, dressing hanging in the window by Josh Goleman via Cotton Candy Sugarrush

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