Thursday, 26 January 2012

Spotlight On...The Flower Appreciation Society

Today we're kicking off a new weekly feature, singing the praises of the suppliers we love and know you will too.

Without further a-do, please welcome Ellie & Anna of 'The Flower Appreciation Society' ("not your average florists")...

Based in Hackney, designer-florists Ellie and Anna love nothing more than thinking outside the box and indulging in the quirk factor:

"The moment we met we recognised our shared love of flowers. The seed was sown for The Flower Appreciation Society. Our background is illustration and textile design. This visual training informs our beautiful, natural and sometimes quirky arrangements. We use English, seasonal flowers and masses of wild foliage where possible."

Is this not the most fantabulous thing you've ever seen??!

Anna and Ellie use their design skills to illustrate to their clients the type of flowers they plan to use. This is a great way for the not-so-flower-savvy to better visualise their wedding flowers.

What a beautiful selection of buttonholes...

© Ann Kathrin Koch

We just love their loose, free form, natural style, just as nature intended. Ethical too. 

These floristry tips are brilliant, you learn something new every day. Be sure to look these ladies up for your wedding, that's if you can get them out of bed ☺

Thanks ladies!

Keep those eyes peeled for next week's Spotlight On...

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  1. What a lovely blog post...I adore the hand-written floristry tips :-)

  2. ha that second photo is great, I know Ruth (the model in it) isnt she beautiful?