Monday, 20 February 2012

A Carry On Camping Love Shoot

Last year I teamed up with photographer Lisa Jane offering a 'love shoot' to one lucky couple on Love My Dress. All they had to do was send in a mood board which described how they would style their own love shoot. We chose winners Chelsea and Chris who went for a tongue-in-cheek 'Carry On Camping' theme.

Time flew by along with the warm summer months and before we knew it, it was January. Clearly, the cheeky bikini and badminton shots were not an option but in its place came a gorgeous wintery afternoon, a 1970s tent, knitted bunting, jumpers, snuggly blankets and hot chocolate with marshmallows...

Harriet and I had the best time playing camping in the woods and styling our couple, drooling over Lisa Jane's variety of cameras she used to shoot with (I was about to steal the Holga but she caught me) and we couldn't believe how well Chelsea and Chris took to the camera, despite the freezing cold! I think it's safe to say they are the very best of friends and very much in love.

We wish you both the most spectacular wedding and an even better marriage!

If you'd like to find out more about Lisa Jane's love shoots or even her wedding day coverage, drop her a line here, she's such a softie ;-)

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