Friday, 9 March 2012

Spotlight On...Olofson Designs

Nude Painted Cake

Phew! Just poking my head up over the parapet after last week's epic Oxfam Wedding shoot (#oxfamweddingshoot on Twitter if you fancy checking out some of the live tweets on the day) and I just couldn't wait to share our next Spotlight On supplier with you. Ceri Olofson. A rising star in the world of cake design, Ceri is such a sweetie and let me tell you, having tasted her creations she provided for the Oxfam shoot, I was blown away. I've never tasted cupcakes like them. I kid you not. So here we are...'Olfoson Design'...

Feather biscuit favours

Ceri spent some of her childhood growing up in France and it's clear from her designs that she was heavily influenced by French patisseries. 

Gold Botanics Wedding Cake

 Each design is a custom piece created especially for the client, taking inspiration from their wedding design, venue and personalities.

Ivory Anthropologie Teapot Cake

Ceri continues to experiment with new flavour combinations and I just love the sound of lavender, rose, cardamom and vanilla chocolate marble. I can also vouch that the zesty lemon sponge is out-of-this-world spectacular. Fact. 

Marie Antoinette Rococo Cake

You might also like to know that before she founded Olofson Design, Ceri used to spend her days piping biscuits for The Biscuiteers, so she knows a thing or two about a good cookie. If you fancy learning how to create your own beautiful cupcakes and biscuits, we recommend you check out Ceri's classes here.

Ruffle Cake (with brassicas!)

If you appreciate the amount of skill and attention that goes into these eye-wateringly beautiful creations, do leave a comment, she'd love to hear from you!

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  1. You’re work is remarkable. I love the whole thing that I’ve seen..Thanks:)

  2. Lavender, rose, cardamom and vanilla chocolate marble does indeed sound delicious! I adore these designs - they are just fabulous. You can definitely see the influence of those French patisseries. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just love these amazing designs. The Marie Antoinette Rococo Cake is more than a wedding cake - its a work of art! Lovely! Ray