Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sweet Sounds

I realised it'd been some time since I'd written a post about wedding music, which is silly really, considering, well, music holds importance for most of us in some shape or form. So today I'm talking about  music without words, film scores to be precise. My love for film scores seems to be growing all of the time, it paints a thousand pictures, adds life to the emotion you watch on screen. I want to share with you some of my favourite composers and inspire you to introduce touches of film score into your day, be it accompanying you down the aisle, in the background during dinner, or even using it on your own wedding film afterwards....

Big Fish (Titles) by Danny Elfman

This is in my opinion is Tim Burton's finest hour and one of my top 3 favourite films of all time. A story of enduring love, I actually can't listen to the opening titles of this film without tears streaming down my face! Despite having watched it a thousands times I just can't help myself. A MUST watch for those that haven't.

'White Dress',  Under The Tuscan Sun by Christophe Beck

Another from my top 3 films-yes it's cheesy and I love it. But the point is, it's about a woman who on a whim ups sticks and moves to Tuscany. Just like that. Nevermind that I want to do the same! It was this film that sparked my love affair with Italy, drove us to explore Tuscany for our own wedding and, despite it not happening for us there, we did play this soundtrack as our guests arrived before our ceremony and I still cannot listen to it without conjuring up thoughts of our adventures in Italy...

P.S if you have no idea who Raoul Bova is, you will after watching this movie! 

'Sophia',  How To Make an American Quilt, by Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman, a score composer for the 21st Century. God, I love him. His signature style is unmistakable and he has written for films such as The Help (most recently) Revolutionary Road, American Beauty, Fried Green Tomatoes (also in my top 3) and too many more to mention. This piece comes from a gorgeous movie I saw many years ago (in fact, it was one of those lesser known titles my step-dad discovered hidden at Blockbusters) but the story is so heartwarming. In short, a group of women get together to create a giant quilt, and whilst they sew, they tell of their experiences of love. Oh, and Winona Ryder and Jared Leto are in it...

I could go on all night posting up my favourite pieces of music, but most of those aren't wedding appropriate and I wanted to illustrate how music from your favourite films can be included in your own day. I hope you feel inspired to do it!

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  1. I love Tim Burton, but I can't believe I haven't watched Big Fish yet. Guess, I should watch it. Please continue sharing more fresh wedding music ideas. Wedding musicians nowadays seem to have been stuck to the same old songs.